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    Eryk Spiry is pictured here accepting his brand new gaming computer from Westman Dreams for Kids Advisory member, Grant Thiele.  Born with Prune Belly Syndrome, Eryk has faced a host of medical problems.  Now 16, he has been unable to attend school for the last two years, is partially home schooled, is on daily dialysis […]

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    Live-action laser zombie hunt You have been conscripted into the perimeter control Squad of the international zombie eradication Force. Led by a veteran of the Zombie Wars, you and a small team of recruits must restore power to a kilometer long section of the municipal protection barrier. A group of zombies that seem to be […]

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    Food Truck Warz

    We had a very successful 50/50 draw at the Food Truck Warz this year! The winning number was 1137 and was won by Donna Duggan & Mike Hayward! Mike and Donna get to split a $2800 pot. A huge thank you to BDNMB for inviting us out this year and congratulations on a very successful […]

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